Remember the bit in Mary Poppins where she does a little bit of magic and all the clothes and toys just put themselves away?

It would be marvellous if life was really like that – but when it comes to children’s rooms, the best thing we can do is give them plenty of storage and a lovely space they actually want to keep tidy.

Well, maybe I’m a dreamer – but you have to try! And it’s true that any children lucky enough to have a bedroom packed with the Poppins range of bedroom furniture will absolutely adore their surroundings.

This wonderfully chunky and varied furniture range comes in a variety of colours, but I particularly love the plum; it’s good for all ages and has a robust appeal that’s emphasised by the oversized handles on the drawers, which are easy for little hands to grasp.

With chests of drawers ranging from bedside cabinets to tall units that would fit in a spare corner, the Poppins range provides plenty of easy storage to make parents’ lives a bit easier. I hope!

Once children are ready to make the transition from nursery to proper bedroom, you have some important choices to make. The furniture you choose now may well do service for a number of years, but needs to be versatile enough to grow alongside your child’s changing tastes and requirements.

For instance, a toy box may be an absolute necessity when they’re tiny, but can usefully be re-purposed as a blanket chest or shoe store as they get older. A dressing table and stool may do double-duty as a quiet place to complete homework, and bookshelves are also ideal for toy storage – make sure there’s at least some space on the floor!

I’m very impressed with the Poppins range of wardrobes, which come in a huge number of configurations, with drawers, shelves, a bookcase and one or two doors to suit each child’s needs.

Of course, any children’s room needs to be fun, and you can get enormous pleasure out of accessorising the space. Sweet dreams are guaranteed with Dotty Rose Bedding, a single duvet cover and pillowcase in the cutest of contemporary floral patterns. Dotty Rose is made of 100 per cent organic cotton, too, and comes with a matching bag for keeping toys and dolls safe.

I also love the Mr Large Robot cushion – tough and cool! – and the delightful Octopus Cushion, who would sit on the bed and be a playmate too.

Pinks work well with plums as they are both on the warm side of the colour spectrum, and would look good against neutral walls and stripped floors. But if you want to carry the purple/lilac theme further, this season there are plenty of accessories to oblige, such as the Graphic Illusions rug – an unusually contemporary twist for any youngster’s floor.

In fact, plum is a strong enough shade to make a real statement in any room, and it can take a child’s room right through from early years to young teens with a few key accessories updated now and again. Mary Poppins would be proud of such efficiency.

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