The dining room is often the least utilised area in the home, with many reserving it for special occasions and large social dinners with family and friends. Since it’s often saved ‘for best’, it’s essential that when choosing furniture, you pick the perfect pieces that will give your dining room that extra special touch.

Your furniture is a key element of dining room decor, with the dining table at the centre of any dining room, so finding the right tables and chairs should be your starting point. Here are some of the most important things to consider when shopping for dining room furniture.


Your dining room style should reflect your home and your family. Contemporary designs are great for a sleek and minimal look, while traditional and country styles are often go-to looks for dining spaces as they’re so timeless and classic.

Try to choose pieces that work well with your home’s features. If your home has stunning period features such as a Victorian tiled floor, our Keeler Dining Table and beautifully upholstered Bourdin Dining Chairs sit perfectly.


Or, if you’re lucky enough to have original wooden floorboards, make sure you incorporate these into your look. That said, it’s important to add your own personal touches to a space, so consider introducing something fun such as bright, clashing accessories or a bold wallpaper. Our Hunston Extending Pedestal Table looks gorgeous set against this striking Cole and Son wallpaper and a selection of Barker and Stonehouse’s colourful accessories.



Materials are also important to consider. If you prefer the contemporary look, consider modern materials such as metal and stone that will add an urban edge to your dining space. Our Halmstad Dining Table features a concrete-look top and stainless steel legs for an industrial feel.

Halmstad Contemporary Dining Table

On the other hand, solid wood tables, chairs and sideboards are practical for traditional or country style dining rooms as they not only look beautiful but are hardwearing and easy to care for; any wear and tear only adds to their rustic charm.

Reclaimed wood is also a great option if you want to add some unique style to your dining room. Made from recycled wood, it not only looks great but is a sustainable choice too. Our San Quentin Dining Range is made from a range of beautiful reclaimed woods, giving it a rustic charm.

San Quentin Tahoe reclaimed dining range


The final thing to think about is the space you have available. Finding the right sized table for your room can sometimes be a challenging task; too small and it can feel marooned, too large and it will feel cramped. As a general rule, try to leave around 40 inches distance between the table and walls so there is enough of a gap to comfortably walk around – perfect for entertaining!

To optimise your space, consider an extending table or opting for a table with a bench instead of chairs, such as the Little Tree Hyatt Table. This table will easily accommodate extra guests whilst still ensuring the room remains practical and stylish.

Hyatt Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

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