The days of romantic candle-lit meals for two are quickly disappearing.

We recently carried out a study into couples dining habits, and found that more couples than ever are ditching their dining room in favour of eating dinner in front of their favourite box set. 45% of couples surveyed said they were more likely to eat dinner on the sofa whilst watching TV than in their dining room or kitchen*.

The shrinking size of homes could be to blame, however, our findings show that 83% of couples do have an appropriate dining space to eat together at home*. It seems that the dining room is being reserved for special occasions only.

Dedicating time to cook and dine together as a couple is important for any relationship. Eating together at the table is thought to be beneficial for couples, providing quality time to unwind and discuss the day with your other half.

If your dining table has been neglected and you find yourself eating dinner in front of the TV every evening, here are some tips for creating the perfect dining space you'll want to spend time in.

Make the most of your space

Nobody wants to sit in a cramped and overcrowded space. Maximise your dining area by choosing the right sized dining table for your room; not too large and not too small. Extending tables are ideal for smaller homes as they provide enough space for everyday dining and can be extended when you have guests.

If your dining space is combined with your kitchen, bistro tables are perfect for two and won’t take up too much room.

Keep it comfortable

The comfort of a sofa can often be a lure at meal times. After a hard day, there’s nothing better than a comfy seat to sink into, so it’s important to make sure your dining space is just as tempting as your sofa.

Swap hard-seated chairs for something a little softer; choose fabric dining chairs with padded seats, or drape a cosy knitted throw or faux fur rug over a bench.

Set the scene

Is your table looking a little bare? You're much more likely to eat in the dining room if the table itself looks beautiful and inviting. Our study found that couples like to dine out regularly (one in ten couples dine out together three times per week*), so why not re-create that restaurant feeling at home?

Set the scene with gorgeous table mats, plates and cutlery and add a colourful centrepiece with a vase of fresh flowers to create a stylish dining space.

Create an ambience

Make your dining space a place to unwind in with a little ambient lighting. A pendant light above the table or a stylish floor lamp in the corner of the room will add a cosy glow and illuminate your space. You could even add a few candles to create a really romantic atmosphere!

Dinner can be the perfect opportunity to spend quality time together as a couple, but it’s often tempting to catch up on your favourite box set and ignore each other. If you like a little entertainment with dinner, swap the TV for some background music to further enhance the ambience.

Add some personality

The best way to create a room you’ll love to spend time in is to make it your own. Just like the rest of your home, your dining room should reflect the people who live there, so whether you love luxury metallics or a rustic reclaimed look, find furniture and accessories that really reflect your personal style.

Complete the look by putting a personal stamp on the space, with those extra special little touches. Look for wall art featuring your favourite film or quote, or fill a wall treasured family photographs.

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*Barker and Stonehouse commissioned survey provider TLF research to commission a 1,000 respondent survey in September 2017 from which the statistics noted in this article were extracted from.