You don't need to live in a cottage to embrace the countryside look; country style interiors are a timeless choice for every home. Inspired by rural living and rustic farmhouse spaces, the look is classic in every sense.

While country-inspired decor should never look too sleek, there are some easy ways to keep the look contemporary and stop it from becoming outdated.

One of our new season trends, Botanical Country brings the countryside look up to date for summer 2017. Combining botanical elements and rustic furniture with a hint of traditional style, the look has a relaxed yet refined vibe that's easy to achieve.

Find out how to get the modern country look in your home.

Keep Colours Light & Neutral

While most country-style interiors traditionally feature dark woods and brown shades, light and airy colours are much more modern. They also make a room appear much more spacious.

Brighten up your interior with white-washed woods and subtle shades of cream that will add a contemporary New England vibe. Pale painted walls and grey floorboards provide a fresh backdrop to classic furniture pieces.

Choose Rustic Wood Furniture

Wooden furniture is the go-to choice when it comes to country homes. In particular, look for rustic styles that appear to be worn and weathered over time such as our Little Tree Sahira furniture range. Hand-crafted from reclaimed wood, each piece has been finished in a white sand-blasted wood with a recycled teak top.

The key to the country look is all in the detail, so watch out for beautiful carved doors and lattice design windows which make a striking addition to furniture.

Be Inspired by Nature

Whether you live next to rolling fields or in the middle of a city, bring nature into your home for authentic country-inspired style. Plants are a huge interior trend for 2017 and will add a touch of greenery to an interior. Add a few potted plants and herbs around a room for an instant update.

For a low maintenance look, botanical prints make the perfect addition to this trend. Consider a statement wallpaper in a living room or bedroom, or add a framed botanical print such as the Calico Lily Print to a wall.

Add Floral Accents

Florals are a classic element of countryside style that shouldn't be forgotten; but be careful not to go overboard with too many chintzy and flowery fabrics.

A few key items in pretty spring-like floral prints will add a fresh and contemporary vibe to a room. For a statement look, try a floral print accent chair such as the Windermere Chair which will complement classic neutral pieces.

A few floral cushions are an easy way to introduce subtle floral prints into a space.

Fill your home with natural beauty and create a relaxing and restful space that's classic yet contemporary. Discover even more stylish furniture pieces to create a modern country-inspired look here.