One of the best things about summer is having friends and family over for long and relaxing dinner parties. From formal three course meals to relaxed tapas inspired dishes, having your nearest and dearest over for food is always the perfect excuse to catch up and share news.

Ensuring you’re the ‘hostess with the mostess’ isn’t always as easy as you hope it will be, but by following a few simple rules you’ll achieve entertaining stardom.

When selecting a table, make sure you pick a design that suits both you and your home. In terms of size, you should avoid getting a table that is too large for the space as guests will feel cramped and claustrophobic. As a general rule, try to leave around 40 inches distance between the table and walls so there is enough of a gap to comfortably walk around – perfect for entertaining!

If you regularly have guests over you must ensure you can seat everyone comfortably. If you don’t have heaps of space, why not consider purchasing an extending dining table? This allows you to cater for extra invitees without having to live with a giant table on a daily basis. Being able to seat up to 8 people is ideal for dinner parties and options such as the Harwood Extending Dining Table are as beautiful as they are practical thanks to the solid oak frame and softly curved edges.


You also need to consider what your guests are sitting on. It’s always a good idea to have extra chairs in the loft for special occasions when lots of people come over. The Ercol Stacking Chairs are as stylish as they are functional as they’re designed to stack vertically so wont take up too much room.



Another useful option is to consider the modern trend of seating with a bench. The Savannah dining set comes with 3 chairs and a bench and allows guests to squeeze together without the space limitations that chairs have.




Creating a party atmosphere is also key to guaranteeing a successful dinner gathering. A simple way to achieve this is with mood lighting and pendant lamps in particular are ideal. By centralising the light on the table, all attention is paid to the meal itself and will encourage guests to engage more with one another. A pendant light is also a fantastic design statement for the room and these can be classically stylish or super modern like the Vibrant Copper Pendant.



It’s also the small things that count at a dinner party and creating a beautifully styled centrepiece for the table is sure to get people talking. The Alba Vase is an eye-catching design thanks to its geometric pattern and when teamed with a tasteful flower arrangement or oversized botanicals, your table will be given a total facelift.


So next time you’re planning a dinner party, just consider the furniture and its placement as well as focusing on creating the right atmosphere. This way, you will become an entertaining legend!