Choosing the right corner sofa is an important step towards making your living room comfortable, inviting and stylish. Whether you’re replacing your current corner sofa, or you’re making a change from your standard sofas, we hope that this corner sofas buying guide will be useful.

Borelly Corner Sofa

We’ve covered all of the key areas, such as: the different types of corner sofas on the market, how to measure for a corner sofa and how to tell if you need a left or right corner sofa. So, if you’re wondering how to choose a corner sofa, then read on and you’ll soon be well equipped to handle the decision.

Reasons to choose a corner sofa

Before we begin with how to choose a corner sofa, let’s have a look at why you should choose a corner sofa. We discuss many of the different benefits further on, but at a glance, you may decide to purchase a corner sofa because:

– A corner sofa saves space
The seamless seating area is not separated by arms.

– A corner sofa is more sociable
They’re great for entertaining and for families who love to cuddle up.

– A corner sofa fits better in your living room
The perfect solution when you can’t find two regular sofas of the right size.

– A corner sofa is more comfortable
You have room to stretch your legs out either way.

How to measure for a corner sofa

One of the most common queries surrounding corner sofas is how to measure – which is why our corner sofas buying guide would not be complete without a few tips and tricks.

Not only do you need to make sure the sofa will fit well in your room, you also need to make sure there’s enough practical space around it – such as to open doors and cupboards, to walk around your coffee table, and to keep your sofa away from any radiators or plug sockets. Your measurements will also help you determine whether you need a left or right corner sofa.

Whitchurch Corner Sofa

To check whether your corner sofa will fit through the door, consult the boxed dimensions of the sofa. Then, compare them against the width and length of your doorway to see if these measurements are greater. If not, you can try measuring diagonally to see if the sofa will fit through at an angle.

Corner sofa shapes

There isn’t just one type of corner sofa, so once you’ve narrowed down your choices you’ll have just a few more decisions to make. There are then further design options to consider, such as pillow back corner sofas, or U shape corner sofas. And of course, you need to choose between a left or right corner sofa.

Standard corner sofas

 San Marco Corner Sofa
First up, there’s the standard corner sofa, which usually features arms and backs at both sides. However, some corner sofas have an open end on the shorter side. Others come as “corner groups” with a matching footstool included.

Chaise corner sofas

Harrington Chaise Sofa
Then you’ve got the popular chaise sofa, or L-shaped sofa, in which the corner side is extended forward by an armless seat that resembles a footstool. This is often a more compact design, perfect for spaces where a corner sofa would be too bulky, or might obstruct a window or patio door.

Modular corner sofas

Shabby Modular Corner Sofa
Finally, we have modular corner sofas, which consist of individual pieces that can be taken apart and rearranged as needed. These sofas can be purchased as a whole, or you can buy the sections on their own to build the sofa how you like.

Do I need a left or right-hand corner sofa?

A frequent point of confusion during the buying process is: do I need a left or right corner sofa? Unfortunately, while we’d love for our corner sofas buying guide to clear up the confusion, this one isn’t a straight answer.

Each supplier is different, so you’ll need to consult the product details, dimensions and images, or better yet: speak to someone directly.

Dorsey Velvet Corner Sofa

The more common specification for corner sofas is that the left or right term refers to the shortest section of the sofa. For example, if you’re looking at a right hand facing chaise sofa, the chaise end would sit on the right side as you look at it. Essentially, it’s the side that the sofa’s corner join is located. However, some retailers work in reverse to this.

Making things a little simpler, some corner sofas do not have a longer side and a shorter side, instead they are balanced equally. These may be called square corner sofas, or reference the amount of seats they fit; for example a 3 corner 3 sofa.

Choosing your fabric

One of the most enjoyable parts of selecting the perfect corner sofa is choosing the upholstery you’d like. Your main contenders are classic leather, cosy fabric or luxurious velvet. Let’s look at the features and benefits of each.

Leather corner sofas

Pros: Wipes clean, durable, hypoallergenic
May fade or crack over time, can be uncomfortable in cold or heat, fewer colour choices

Houston Leather Corner Sofa

Leather corner sofas generally add a rugged and sophisticated look to a room. They also wear well and wipe clean, which is ideal for families, dog owners and red wine drinkers. Certain leathers, however, may need regular treatment to stay in ship shape, and otherwise may fall victim to fading and cracking. Although there are dyed versions out there, many designs are limited to black, grey, brown and tan colours. Leather also tends to feel cold in cool temperatures, and get sticky in hot temperatures.

Fabric corner sofas

Pros: Cosy feel, limitless colour choices and patterns, often a cheaper option
Cons: More likely to stain, less durable, less suitable for allergy sufferers

Ercol Forli Fabric Chaise Sofa

Fabric corner sofas are often regarded as the more comfortable choice, and can be a little cheaper than their leather counterparts. You also won’t struggle to find a colour to suit you, as you’re not limited by tones or patterns. Your biggest concern with fabric is durability – certain weaves are prone to snagging, while fabrics in light neutral colours will not take to stains well, unless protected. They also have a tendency to hold more dust, which is bad news for those with allergies.

Velvet corner sofas

Pros: Sumptuous feel, glamorous look, very trendy
Cons: Harder to care for, prone to fading, can be expensive

Azalea Velvet Corner Sofa

Velvet corner sofas are a luxurious, grand and increasingly popular option. Giving any living room a touch of depth and texture, their soft, sumptuous surfaces feel incredible and offer rich, gorgeous pigment. Velvet is one of the tougher fabrics to maintain though, and can succumb to piling and scratches, among other things. You must be very careful cleaning a velvet sofa, and allow it to dry quickly if it gets wet.

How to style a corner sofa

A corner sofa gives you plenty of opportunity to add colour, texture and pattern to your living room. By using throws and cushions you can easily update the look throughout the year, changing with the seasons or when you feel like a refresh.

Michigan Leather Corner Sofa

By bringing in side tables or coffee tables and finishing with a stylish rug or two, you can frame your corner sofa in the best light. Table lamps, vases and accessories can be matched to your upholstery, or you can go bold with a contrast of colours for extravagant eclecticism.

Harrington Velvet Corner Sofa

If you’d like a few more ideas of how to style your corner sofa, our Layered with Love edit showcases 4 different looks.

Buying a corner sofa

Once you know how to choose a corner sofa, it’s time to start thinking about how you might want to pay for it. A corner sofa can be a big investment, but it’s something that you’re going to get good use out of and enjoy for many years to come. Even better, when you buy from Barker and Stonehouse, you don’t need to pay in one go.

Timothy Oulton Shabby Corner Sofa

Many more people are now opting for a corner sofa on finance, because comfort is not something that should be compromised on. With House Credit you can make your money go even further. A corner sofa is the ideal purchase for a finance plan, with 24 months interest free credit available on orders over £2500. If you need a little longer, we also offer payment plans up to 48 months.

How can I look after my corner sofa?

Each sofa and fabric differs, so be sure to retain any care information that you receive with your purchase. However, there are some basic rules to follow in order to keep any corner sofa looking and feeling its best:

– Mop up spills immediately
– Avoid placing in strong, direct sunlight
– Keep away from radiators, fireplaces and plug sockets
– Stay on top of any required maintenance, such as applying wax or plumping cushions
– If using a new cleaning product on your upholstery, test it out on an inconspicuous area first

Conza Velvet Corner Sofa

For further information on how to look after your corner sofa, check out our Furniture Care Guides, which detail the essential steps to follow, precautions to take, and what not to do. You may also be interested in adding a Furniture Care Plan to your corner sofa, so you’re covered in the event of any accidents or damage.

Shopping at Barker and Stonehouse

We hope you’ve found our corner sofas buying guide helpful. If you’d like any more advice on how to choose a corner sofa, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. And for inspiration, head to our Instagram page to get a glimpse of some stylish customer homes.