Barker and Stonehouse has donated computer equipment which is helping one group of lucky students to access the Internet literally anywhere in their school.

The north east based furniture company has donated four wireless routers to Mowbray School in North Yorkshire; to improve the school’s Internet access.

And this is one school where Internet access is paramount to the children’s learning and development.

Mowbray School is a purpose built school catering for children aged three to sixteen with a wide range of learning difficulties; including moderate and severe learning difficulties; autistic spectrum condition; speech, language and communication difficulties; social emotional behavioural difficulties and physical & sensory impairments.

The routers mean that the school can access the Internet across the full campus, enabling the pupils to use online media, particularly an online reading and assessment programme called Lexia.

Head teacher Jonathan Tearle, said: “Readingis one of the skills our students struggle with and online learning helps them enormously. They all want to be on the laptops all the time now and are progressing with their reading much faster thanks to the opportunity to use Lexia.

“Previously we could only access the Internet from a couple of locations in the school which meant that only a handful of students could use the programme at one time. The four routers donated by Barker and Stonehouse mean that an extra 20 students have been able to start using Lexia.

“We are very grateful to Barker and Stonehouse for donating this equipment, it’s made a huge difference and a lot of very happy students and teachers.”

IT & Telecoms Manager at Barker and Stonehouse Chris Fletcher, said:  “Barker and Stonehouse is always looking for ways to get involved in the community so we were happy to be able to help Mowbray School improve their Internet access.

“It’s an environmentally friendly option too, instead of just throwing away computer equipment we don’t need anymore; we’ve donated it to this fantastic school where it’s doing some good.”