Comfort is an essential human need – if we’re aren’t warm, dry and relaxed we don’t function properly – whereas luxury is all about wanting the best of everything.

And luxury is not always comfortable – unless you’re a medieval queen you wouldn‘t want to sit on a diamond encrusted chair for very long!

But comfortable luxury – as the name suggests – is all about blending the two to create a sophisticated look which is liveable.

Sumptuous velvets, shimmering shades and plush fabrics give your home a look of wealth and decadence while providing you with maximum comfort – that’s why this look is ideal for winter.

Luxury dining chairs are often made of hard wood or even marble and while they look gorgeous, they aren’t always the most comfortable chairs you’re even going to sit on.

The Grenadier dining chairs from Barker and Stonehouse are stunning – with their beautifully scripted lettering and studded button-back detailing – and are also incredibly comfortable.

Pair with a stripped back table such as the Versaille with its shaped pedestal legs and long chunky top, to create a stylish dining set.

Velvet is another fantastic base for this look and we love the Boleyn sofa in a silk and velvet mix. The traviata mink colour oozes opulence while the velvet is strokably sofa and snuggly.

A medley of textures is essential for this look but keep the palette tonal for an elegant look – hints of metallic such as the Ambassador Large Square Clock and the Romano jug will draw the eye.

Try a stylish wallpaper with such as the Valencay – a crunchy pure silk with a lustrous, gilded metallic sheen in pale gold or pale silver. or source a metallic paint such from specialists such as whose National Trust colours, in particular, are to die for.

Thick carpets in pale shades give you that five star hotel feel, and you can boost the toe scrunching softness with coordinating rugs such as the plush rug in silver or the stunningly simple Elise rug in Ivory.

And when it comes to dressing your bed, the beautiful Tarsha quilts and cushions are not only soft and pretty – they are also fully machine washable. Mix and match in lavender, taupe and slate shades for a stylish layered look.

Layering is a fabulous way to achieve the comfortable luxury look and throws and cushions are versatile pieces which can be moved into different rooms when you want to switch up your style.

So whatever Christmas brings you, follow these tips and you’ll ensure you move into 2013 in comfortable luxury.

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