We all have our own taste when it comes to furnishing and decorating our home, and interior designers require highly-refined sensibilities to hit the mark every time.

Barker & Stonehouse Creative Manager Claire Hornby is responsible for creating the in-store room sets and many of the gorgeous photoshoots that you’ll see in our brochures – she’s a veritable master of versatility, innovation and style. Her own tastes are eclectic, mixing vintage with contemporary, which is perhaps unsurprising considering her background of textile design, fashion and homeware styling.

Claire’s role also requires something of a design crystal ball, as well as ‘access all areas’ passes to the design studios of some of the world’s biggest brands, in order to accurately predict what’s going to be the next big thing for our homes. “It’s all about confidence,” Claire says. “I want customers to look at our brochures, or visit our stores, and say ‘I can do that’.”

But for customers who would prefer to leave the planning to the professionals Claire’s advice is to use one of the Barker & Stonehouse interior design team.