At last we now know what it means to say it’s hotter than July…even if we know our foray into real summer weather is just a blip.

Cool, however, goes on forever – and even in the midst of the hottest days, a dash of Nordic minimalism goes a long way to helping everybody chill.

It’s right to say this style has been with us for a long time; in fact, it has a certain retro appeal that goes right back to that classic mid-20th century look.

So how do you inject a breath of Scandinavian fresh air into your existence? It’s all a matter of clearing out the clutter to leave simple, stylish lines that make every piece of furniture a style statement.

Take the Nevada Coffee Table. Beautifully crafted in solid walnut, it has stacks of retro style, with its flared legs and rich colour – it’s a great centrepiece for a living room.


That angularity needs highlighting, though, and a perfect counterpoint is provided by the Savalen Corner Chaise. Its uncluttered lines provide a suitably minimalist hit, but it’s also luxuriously comfortable.

BARKER AND STONEHOUSE l Northern Lights l Image D

I’d soften it even further with a bevy of beautiful cushions in the same palette, to add texture while serving a practical purpose. Here, I’ve selected cushions from Barker and Stonehouse in fabrics ranging from felt to velvet for a delightful touchy-feely contrast.

Colour is a crucial component in a Nordic-style room, focusing mostly on the cooler side of the colour spectrum – that’s blues, teals and greys. But pattern also has its place here, and can really lift a room out of the mundane.

Look out for geometric wallpapers, and also strongly-patterned rugs – the Serengeti Rug together with the coffee table creates a real focal point for the room.


Stripped floors are a valuable component in any Nordic-style scheme, providing an ideal plain backdrop for displaying the key furniture pieces. And those pieces can be striking; the Keeler Scandinavian sideboard combines natural materials and dark painted metal for a quirky industrial feel that has surprising elegance.


There’s a warmth to wooden furniture like this that takes the harsh edge off the Nordic cool and keeps it down to earth. Further warmth is provided by copper accessories – very on-trend at the moment – such as the Ball Table Light, and Copper Iron Pendant with its fabulous diamond panes.


It all adds up to a space where there’s room to relax and chill, with every accessory and piece of furniture carefully chosen to add to the tranquillity of the surroundings.

It’s minimalist, but not bare – and a look that will be cool long after the summer sun has set.

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