Everyone remembers their childhood bedroom fondly, whether it had a pirate theme, a fairy princess feel or was just painted in their favourite colour.

Having their own room in which to express themselves is fantastic for a child’s development and involving them in the decorating decisions gives them a sense of empowerment.

Childhood bedrooms can occupy your little ones for hours. A combination of good furniture and bright colours can transform a room from an everyday room to a place of wonderment.

If your little princess or tiny tearaway is branching out from the nursery theme and wanting a more ‘grown up’ bedroom I have a couple of suggestions that may help with the transition.

A child’s first bed is an important investment, they have outgrown their cot and are officially not a baby anymore.

The Poppins collection has that sophisticated ‘young adult’ feel but is still durable enough to withstand childhood rough and tumble.

The range comes in a vast range of colours too, so if your royal highness wants a lilac palace, her wish will be granted. Alternatively, it also comes in an array of colours perfect for a little swashbuckler wanting to sail his bed into the night.

Barker and Stonehouse also has the Tillie range, with a variety of pieces in a pretty cream painted finish it’s perfect for your little girl.

Safety is a big concern for all parents, and for 3-5 year olds, a bed guard can give parents reassurance that their little ones are not going to tumble out of bed, and can be easily fitted to most models of bed.

Door guards which stop little fingers getting trapped in door hinges are another good idea and make sure the furniture you choose has no sharp edges or corners.

The Tetrad Monte animal chairs are a lovely balance between a piece of furniture and a toy. Big and squashy, they’re designed for your child to slouch into and cuddle. Filled with polystyrene beads, they’re lightweight so can be moved around easily but hardwearing and stain resist due to the microfibre covering.

Finally, as your child grows up and reaches school age, a desk or workspace is a bedroom must have. The Rylie study desk is part of the Rylie bedroom range but can be used in conjunction with any Barker and Stonehouse bedroom collection In a beech finish, with storage for books, a computer, monitor and keyboard its easily assembled and the perfect finishing touch for your child’s room. 

A child’s bedroom is where they work, rest and play, so remember these quick tips and take the time to create an environment which inspires them.

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