For centuries, tartan has ‘plaid’ a huge part in British fashion and interior design, featuring in fashion catalogues ever since the Victorian era.

The woolly, criss-cross pattern is bursting with history, having climbed its way to royal patronage and boasting thousands of check colours and styles which vary depending on their originating clan, region or ethnic group.

The check is hugely popular with numerous designers including Vivienne Westwood, whose love of the pattern is apparent from her British style affair with tartan, inspiring her clothing, accessories and even wallpapers designs.

Vivienne Westwood is the grand dame of tartan and we absolutely love her tartan wallpaper collection.

Tartan exudes classic British style and is the ideal texture to accessorise your home with, especially during the festive season, plus the broad range of cosy colours makes it apposite for any room.

The limelight-stealing Duresta Plantation sofa from Barker and Stonehouse is a beautiful chequered combination of rich reds, forest greens and golden ambers.

Perhaps you would rather add a smaller splash of tartan to your home in the shape of our Skye Check  cushion or sage throw. These elegant pieces ooze British heritage and are made with Shetland wool so they don’t only look good but they feel fabulous too.


Plaid-pattern accessories work beautifully with brown, distressed leather and dark wood. Choose Barker and Stonehouse’s chunky Laurence Snuggler Chair to scatter with checked cushions and drape in cosy blankets.

The gorgeous earthy tones in reclaimed wood accentuate tartan’s natural warmth and glow, so combine your plaid pieces with our reclaimed Elm oval table light to give any room a little boost of light.

Alternatively, furniture made in solid Mahogany also highlights the rich accents in Tartan colour schemes. Our nest of Victorian-style Lindhurst tables, complete with brass handles and a lacquered finish, are a perfect match for any checked shade.

And if you fancy going all-out tartan, add a real wow to any room with Barker and Stonehouse’s Natural Plaid carpet in Eden Valley. The soft honey and olive woven tones of this unique floor covering promise to enhance any interior.

So, whatever shape or size you would like your tartan to be, check out this hot winter trend, with tartan furniture and accessories, the perfect addition to any traditional or contemporary home.

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