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Homework just got stylish

Flexible working is the name of the game these days, and it’s becoming increasingly important to have a comfortable and stylish space to work at home.

Desk Design – Guest post from My Warehouse Home

This month, the lovely team at Barker & Stonehouse have asked me to pick out my favourite desks from their current collection. And since I spend so much of my time at the desk in my own home office, I feel well qualified to evaluate and recommend the best offerings for you all

Soft Loft by My Warehouse Home

We love the latest review of our soft loft collection from our very own contributor, Sophie from My Warehouse Home! Read all about what this top blogger has to say on the trend below…

Out of the Blue

Blue has always been a favourite of interior designers, but 2014 is set to see the shade become more popular than ever before.

Bring the outdoors in

This autumn the line between the indoors and out is more blurred than ever, as rustic furniture continues to be a leading trend in interiors.

Vintage Candy

Welcome to your West Coast bolthole. The sun is shining and the cocktails come straight up, so kick off your city shoes and go barefoot. This look is all about mixing retro shapes and prints with contemporary pieces in a mellow but colourful palette.

Captain’s Station

This look is all about creating a sense of adventure and exploration – you want to give the impression that your office is your base – the place you return to plan your next excursion.

Indian Summer

The simplicity of the furniture and the rich earthy shades are offset by beautiful decorative pieces such as decanters and hurricane vases…

Office Space

In the modern world whether you work from home or not, having an office in your house is becoming increasingly essential and it’s very important to make sure your office works for you and suits the way you work.

Laidback Library

Libraries have long served as places of quiet relaxation and inspiration offering sanctuary to those

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