From vintage to modern style, Barker and Stonehouse is renowned for the wide range of furniture and homeware it offers to shoppers. Sometimes, our products couldn’t be any more different from each other, but that’s what we find so endearing about our collections!

One thing in particular that does unite our eclectic range of pieces is our commitment to high quality products – we only work with the very best established brands, many of whom we have worked with for decades.

February’s brand of the month – Calligaris – is one which has been in the business for over 90 years, during which it has designed and created truly unique pieces.


Their variety of products includes brilliant pieces of premium quality furniture that are somehow able to harmonise with different styles, creating unique and interesting environments which makes them a great choice for a huge variety of homes.

If there are three words which accurately summarise this great brand, they would definitely be contemporary, flexible and intelligent; all of which come with a guarantee of quality and creativity at a reasonable price.


So how has the brand evolved over the past 90 years? We’ve put together a brief history of everything (about Calligaris!), to help our customers understand the evolution of one of our favourite stocked furniture brands.


1923: The birth of Calligaris

Founded by Antonio Calligaris, the small artisanal business launched the lovely ‘Marocca’ chair, a typical model of the Manzano area of Friuli. Characterised by its sturdy wooden frame, its hand woven seat and slightly curved legs, the chair made for a gorgeous beginning for the popular brand.

Marocca chair

The 90s: Extending the Range

Calligaris expanded its range throughout the 90s with a complete range of furnishings, including chairs, tables, sofas, beds and accessories. Moving away from its original wood furnishings, the company began to work with metal, plastic, leather and glass. In 1998, the company even opened its first American subsidiary in High Point, North Carolina.

The 00s: Calligaris 2.0

By 2007, the company was 40% owned by the private equity firm L Capital, leading to a brand new strategy on branding, communication and retail. With a flagship store opening in Milan in 2008, followed by another in Paris 4 years later, the noughties saw Calligaris establishing itself as a truly international company.

To date:

In its 90th birthday year, Calligaris took the opportunity to further explore, develop and rework the trends of contemporary living. The brand celebrated with a brand new website, making it easier to communicate with its customers and huge retail network, which now includes over 400 partners.


At Barker and Stonehouse we’re delighted that we are able to supply such a huge range of Calligaris’ products which means that there is something to suit everyone’s taste. Shop their fantastic collection here: