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Boucle Sofas and Why You Need One in Your Home

Words by Emma Hughes

May 15, 2023



Boucle Sofas and Why You Need One in Your Home

A boucle sofa is a stylish option for any home. First popular in the late 1940s, boucle has since made a resounding comeback in recent years due to its sumptuously soft and subtle design. Read on for our complete guide to boucle sofas and what to look out for when purchasing one for your home.


What is boucle?

The word ‘boucle’ derives from the word ‘curled’ in French and the fabric is named after the loops in its yarn. These loops are often described as thick and nubby, characterised by a fleece-like appearance. Sounds like the perfect spot to curl up with a good book!

In recent years, boucle has had a resurgence in fashion and interior design. However, the first incarnation of the fabric was the iconic ‘Womb chair’ designed by Eero Saarinen in the late 1940s. Shortly after its production, the chair rose in popularity and boucle began to feature in many furniture and clothing designs.

Boucle is commonly made from wool, although it can also be made from cotton, linen and silk. The material offers a host of benefits, but its soft and delicate design make it a popular choice for upholstery.


Why is boucle so popular?

Chances are you’ve seen at least one boucle sofa on Instagram – and for a good reason. The unique texture of boucle is just one of the reasons why it is so popular.

Most often seen on an influencer’s feed in tranquil shades of white or cream, the fabric offers a clean, minimalist aesthetic for the contemporary mid-century home. But we’re also big fans of boucle in striking shades of blue and always on trend greys that sit pretty in any space.

James Barker, Barker and Stonehouse Managing Director, also notes that boucle “goes with on-going trends” and is a “very tactile and interesting fabric, it surprises you with its soft touch”.

However, despite its rise in popularity in recent years, boucle promises longevity and a piece of furniture that will stand the test of time. The fabric itself is renowned for its low absorption properties, making it fairly resilient to those accidental spills.

Additionally, the textured, woolly feel of the cloud-like material, gives it a cosy and soft vibe, making it a popular choice for a sofa.

What are the advantages of a boucle sofa?

A boucle sofa boasts a host of unique benefits, from its resilience to its resemblance to a teddy bear, making it a welcome addition in any space. Here are just a few advantages to this fabric and style:


Boucle sofas are easy to clean plus you can also use a vacuum to remove any pet hair and dust. Additionally, this fabric is known to have a lower absorption rate than other fabrics, making them resilient to spills and wear.

Easy to clean

This is a thick and durable material that can last years without showing any signs of wear and tear. A boucle sofa is a great option if you’re looking for a long-term investment that will continue to look as good as the day it was delivered.

Soft to the touch

Despite is nubby appearance, boucle is wonderfully soft and is incredibly comfortable to sit on. It reminds us of springtime, lambs and soft fluffy towels on the washing line and offers up the ideal spot for those lazy weekend afternoon naps.

Warm and cosy

A boucle sofa has a warm, woolly texture, perfect for creating a cosy ambience – especially during winter. Pair with a textured throw, fluffy socks and a warm drink and you have the perfect set up for a relaxed evening.

Are there any cons to a boucle sofa?

While boucle sofas have a host of benefits, they may not suit every lifestyle. As the fabric is typically a lighter material, it may not be the best option for homes with pets or children. The looped fabric is also favoured among cats, who like to pull at the thread.

Types of boucle sofa

Given the popularity of boucle sofas, the great news is that there are now more styles and sizes available than ever before. Whether you’re looking for a small boucle sofa, or a larger 3-seater, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Here are just five of our favourite boucle sofa styles:

2-seater boucle sofas

2-seater boucle sofas are an ideal choice for smaller homes because they’re great space savers. Feature one alongside an accent chair so guests have a seat, limit the scatter cushions and you have the perfect sofa for a snug space.

3-seater boucle sofas

3-seater boucle sofas are a great option for family homes. They can comfortably seat up to three people and can also be accompanied by a complementary armchair or footstool.

Small boucle sofas

Small boucle sofas are perfect for apartments and studios. Thanks to their intimate feel, you can still create an open and inviting environment when space is limited.

Boucle chaise

Ideal for contemporary living, boucle chaise sofas are expertly crafted for comfort and lounging. Feature one in the office for those moments when you need to recover from a long meeting or in your bedroom for a sophisticated spot to dress.

Boucle snuggle chair

Boucle snuggle chairs, also known as loveseats or cuddle chairs, provide a perfect spot for cuddling up in front of the TV and cosying up with someone special.

Boucle sofa colours – What are my options?

Most people tend to opt for a boucle sofa in neutral tones, making it easier to add them to any space. However, there are a wide range of colours and shades to choose from in the boucle fabric. Here are some of our favourites:

White boucle sofa

A white boucle sofa instantly makes any room brighter. They’re also extremely versatile and easy to style. Create a striking contrast with a white sofa adorned with dark pillows to create a chic monochrome aesthetic.

Cream boucle sofa

A cream boucle sofa pairs seamlessly with wooden furniture. Cream also works particularly well with neutral and earth toned furnishings such as rattan and woven accessories.

Grey boucle sofa

For unfussy sophistication, look no further than a grey boucle sofa. Depending on the undertone, grey sofas can work well with everything from blush pinks to mustard yellows.

Navy blue boucle sofa

Inject a little moodiness and mystery into your home with a navy-blue boucle sofa. Navy sofas work well with charcoal grey and inky black accessories.

Black boucle sofa

A black boucle sofa just oozes sophistication. They’re also great for hiding those stray pet hairs and crumbs. Black sofas pair well with cream and white if you’re looking to achieve that always luxurious monochrome vibe.

How do I know a boucle sofa is good quality?

If you’re in market for a boucle sofa, look out for the following criteria to ensure you’re getting the best quality:

Tighter loops – this means less snagging/potential for loose threads.
Doesn’t pile easily – boucle shouldn’t pile as it’s a textured fabric.
Easy to clean – good quality boucle doesn’t stain easy.
Craftsmanship – when you buy from a high-quality brand you’ll enjoy high-end furniture, crafted from quality materials.

How to style a boucle sofa

It’s super easy to style a boucle sofa. Boucle can easily be dressed around your existing décor and colour schemes but there are some simple ways of making this always on trend sofa the key feature of any room.

Our MD James Barker recommends featuring boucle alongside “natural wood tones, oaks, teaks and ash.”

A scatter of cushions in vibrant, jewel tones against the backdrop of a cream boucle sofa shouts sophistication. We’re thinking azure blues, forest greens and maybe a hint of lemon yellow to create a display that draws the eye.

Alternatively, you can style your boucle sofa and have fun with textures. Team up the looped fabric with a bold faux fur blanket draped on the arm and throw down a soft sheepskin rug where your feet will go.

The smooth finish of velvet also beautifully complements the textured fabric. Pair a velvet footstool with a boucle sofa for a glam finish.

Frequently asked questions

Is boucle long-lasting?

Yes, boucle is long-lasting. Constructed from strong and durable fibres, boucle is made to stand the test of time. Boucle is also resistant to piling, so it will keep its shape and colour for many years to come.

How do I pronounce boucle?

Want to brush up on your French? It can help to break the word down into two parts: ‘boo’ and ‘klay’.

Is boucle a good fabric for a sofa?

Yes, boucle is an excellent fabric choice for a sofa. Not only is it hard-wearing, it’s also super soft to touch. Boucle sofas are also easy to clean, thanks to their low liquid absorption.

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