The monochrome look is one of those classic trends that never goes out of fashion. Like trench coats, tailored suits and red lipstick, it brings with it an inherent sense of style and glamour that we’ll never tire of.

While some may argue that black and white colour schemes can feel a bit one dimensional, by adding a few extra elements it can be an interesting and exciting palettes to work with.

How to Get the Look

One of the easiest ways to put a twist on this trend is to introduce a nice bright hue. Pops of colour will stand out beautifully against such a minimalist backdrop and give the room a playful vibe. This bold and beautiful look was made for versatile spaces such as the living room and the best place to start is with the room’s largest piece of furniture – the sofa.

Our Ercol Consenza Sofa with its unique retro style and distinctive colour will act as a great focal point. When coupled with a few bright cushions in a variety of contrasting patterns and colourways, it’ll inject a fun and contemporary twist to an otherwise quite uniform trend.

Lifestyle Low Res

If you want to make a statement, why not add a matching chair? Our Ercol Consenza Armchair will add another burst of colour and help to balance the space.

Cosenza Armchair

Textures are also a great way to bring the monochrome look to life. Our black and white Geometric Rug is a perfect centrepiece for the floor and will give the room a cool yet cosy vibe.


As with any décor scheme, lighting will play an important role but when you’re dealing with any palette involving black, it’s particularly important.

Try placing this gorgeous Sand Black Floor Lamp next to the sofa; it’ll not only look great but will help to focus attention on the most colourful part of the room.

Sand Black Floor Lamp

To complete the space, it’s always a good idea to include a lovely piece of artwork and as a huge fan of the Big Apple, I’ve chosen this great New York Destination Print. We love how this ties the look together without distracting from the overall theme.

New York Artwork


And there we go! A small selection of the key pieces to bring the fabulous trend to life.