What is your style Alex?

My taste is very minimalist but not to the point that I just have just everything in white. There has to be a splash of colour on the sofa and in other furnishings – touches like placing different coloured flowers everywhere works well to keep the palette moving.

I want my home to smell nice, feel nice and look great.



How do you apply that minimalist aesthetic?

I don’t like clutter and I’m not a hoarder. I feel much more creative if I can see what I’m doing. I like to know where everything is.

But it does have a wow factor. People who live in properties worth millions more than this have been in and said that they love it.


What first appealed to you about your flat?

I love the space. I love the light and that each room is very different and can adapt itself to feeling fresh in summer and cosy in winter.


How did you decide to furnish it?

I started with the idea that every room’s got to be functional, every room’s got to be used and I think that gives it all warmth and energy. Otherwise it’d be a waste of space.

There are some houses you go into and sit on a sofa and you feel like you’re sitting on the back of a bus.

For me a sofa has got to be something that you can slip back into, find a comfortable few positions – and have your daughter jump on top of you at the same time!

I cherry pick every item I’ve got in here. I don’t just think ‘I need some flowers I’ll get a vase’.  I’d prefer to keep them in a jam jar until I found exactly the right vase.

What makes a comfortable home?

The ability to express yourself. Some houses you go into and you can tell the owners are hugely proud of their environment and their homes are pristine.

They’ve obviously got everything in place – all their things that have been handed down for generations.  But when you’ve taken your shoes off at the front door and you’re asked to sit down with their beautiful bleached china cups you’re thinking ‘how on earth am I meant to feel relaxed here?’.

I didn’t want a home like that. People who have a home like that really shouldn’t be inviting guests in.


How would you describe your home?

My home is feminine, it’s friendly, warm, creative. I don’t want it to be a place where you have to take your shoes off. It’s a home not just a house.


How does your home make you feel?

This flat has allowed me to bring out my artistic side. I’ve focused energy in it, I’ve put myself into it. When I come back from a stressed day at work I can relax in any of my rooms – they’re all an expression of me.

There are times when I’ve got my new flowers out and they’re blooming and I walk around a little bit and think ‘ooh look at my fabulous flat’.


How has travel influenced your style?

My house isn’t full of souvenirs even though I took three years out to travel with Scarlet after I sold my business

We stayed in 12 different places that year and the kinds of things I took from  that were things like seeing how books had been positioned in a certain hotel.

When you go to a different country the light is always different. Having that experience of travel allowed me to play with my colour palette that little bit more.


Has becoming a mum changed how you use your home?

Scarlet’s bedroom must have been decorated about five times since she was born. And now I’m thinking ‘ah she’s growing out of princesses I’l

l have to do it again soon’. So Scarlet’s room is constantly evolving.

She’s very happy here whether that’s flying around dancing, playing Cinderella, playing with her friends or making dens. The flat has to be a home for both of us, I’d hate to live in a show-house home. My parents had a bit of a show-house home and I didn’t want that for myself.

It’s really nice to know that my daughter loves her home.  Everything is catered for her as well, from the small stool in the kitchen so she can reach everything she needs to, through to her playroom where the light switches are at her height.


What personality does your house have?

This flat is a chameleon. It lends itself to different situations.  I’ve had meetings here with clients when I haven’t been able to go to my office in town, but, I’ve had paddling pool parties and painting parties as well.

My flat is feminine, welcoming, warm and friendly – and I’d like to think that’s what I am all about too.


Check out Alex’s style here http://pinterest.com/isyourhouse/alex-s-home-style/