Elegance means different things to different people, but we always recognise it when it comes along… Elegance is always timeless, of course – and borrowing some of its elements can make an extraordinary difference in your home. If you want to update your home with a look that won’t age, we have the perfect pieces for you.

Timothy Oulton Tracks dining table

Timothy Oulton Furniture

British designer Timothy Oulton is a master of the understated when it comes to elegance, and I adore some of his creations. He’s known for reinterpreting of classic designs through modern eyes, repurposing them into something fresh and exciting. In fact, he’s become a byword for vintage furniture, with unique pieces that make a real statement in any room.

This is not the chilly kind of elegance of stately home dining rooms – instead, it’s deep, rich and comfortable; an elegance you can sink into over the cold winter months.

Start with a statement piece like the Timothy Oulton Tracks Dining Table.  Using reclaimed railway sleepers, each beam is de-nailed and washed by hand, preserving its history and authenticity. The warmth of the wood is contrasted with the cool riveted Spitfire base, inspired by the legendary British fighter plane, and it provides a remarkable centre point for the room.


Make the room both light and playful with the Rex diamond light. This gorgeous pendant borrows its elegance straight from the 1920s with its opulent premium-cut crystal and fits beautifully with the dark glamour of this amazing dining room, providing a delightfully gentle glow.

Timothy Oulton Rex Diamond Pendant-Natural (4) Floor lamps can also help add to the cosy feel of a room, brightening the darkest corners. I’m impressed by Oulton’s Atom floor lamp sphere, which was inspired by the structure of an atom round its nucleus, so no the wonder it’s almost a sculpture in its own right.

As well as good lighting, texture is also important when creating an elegant ambience – it adds the air of luxury that warms the décor and makes the room inviting.

Timothy Oulton Atom Floor Lamp Sphere

Oulton’s Mimi dining chair is another piece that sums up his style perfectly. It has a vintage look while remaining contemporary with its curvy, metal-studded back and legs, and it’s finished in a soft moleskin duck fabric to complement just about any table.

mimi elegant dining chair

In a look as darkly rich as this, it’s also crucial to add lighter elements to avoid it becoming over the top, so look for glass accessories (like the table in our picture), mirrors and touches of steel and chrome to reflect the light.

The result is simply stunning, and guaranteed to be the envy of your guests. So chill the champagne, order the canapés and don your best little black number – elegance is definitely on the menu at this dinner party.