In the same way as a gorgeous necklace or a quirky scarf can make or break an outfit, home accessories finish the look of a room.

Accessories’ is a broad term which encompasses everything from soft furnishings such as cushions and throws, to decorative objects, vases, baskets, mirrors and some lighting such as table lamps. They can all be used to create variations on classic pieces and key trends and generally make your home uniquely yours.

And how you accessorise says a lot about you. Are you playful with eclectic tastes or elegant and understated? Do you like order and conformity or are you a colour clashing rebel? Do you follow the rules or set the trends? – your home will give clues about your personality.

If you think of your home as a canvas, the furniture you choose is the broad strokes with which you can start to build a picture and the accessories are the fine details that help bring your vision to life.

Scatter cushions and throws add comforting textures and an extra feeling of cosiness to sofas and beds and can also add a pop of colour or pattern to a neutral colour scheme.

Barker and Stonehouse’s Pine and Apple silk cushions are a fun addition to any sofa, while the Ikat cushions in black, scarlet and slate are perfect for that east meets west look.

A throw, such as the gorgeously soft plaid throws from Barker and Stonehouse, arranged over the back of your sofa can also be used as a blanket.

Beautiful table lamps with wooden bases and neutral shades like the Balustrade can be used in any room to create a feeling of continuity and serenity and can even be grouped together to create a feature space.

Wicker baskets make attractive storage for all manner of odds and ends and won’t detract from the look you are trying to create.

And whether you line up vases and decorative objects in a linear fashion, or create off-kilter displays, vase and bottles in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes will draw the eye while the La Rochelle lanterns placed on a windowsill will enhance the natural light in your room.

Feature walls with unusual pieces such as a selection of clocks, ornamental fans or canvases will help you to express your creativity while displaying treasured items will give you a tangible reminder of happy memories, and offer visitors to your home a deeper insight into your life.

Accessories are the icing on the cake, the finishing touches and the final flourish – they are your signature pieces which help you put your personality into your rooms.

So, how you do you want your home to be?

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