We all like to feel relaxed in our own living rooms – but adding a touch of luxe is a great excuse to indulge the lavish side of your nature, while creating a space that’s sumptuous and inviting.

This is glamour you can feel; soft crushed fabrics contrast with smooth, cool marble and the sleekest of metal finishes.

Take the Boleyn Sofa, its gorgeous shimmering finish is down to the luxury crushed velvet and silk upholstery, which entices you to get cosy on its plump, comfy seating.  The Boleyn range has a large number of sofa sizes to choose from, including a super grand that’s perfect for a large living room.


The Boleyn Love Seat is a great partner to the sofa and comes with two scatter cushions in the same fabric that are perfect for snuggling up with.

Mix and match your metallics for a contemporary feel – I’ve added a range of gold and cream and black cushions to the silver sofa to mix things up.

Rose gold is one of the hottest trends right now, and rightly so, for it adds plenty of warmth and elegance to a room. The beautiful Mervyn Coffee Table has a stylish art deco design and is made from rose gold, stainless steel and smoked glass.

Contemporary accessories add a stylish edge – but stick to the theme of contrasting metallic tones and finishes.  Made from aluminium coated in bronze, the Oversized Empire Bowl has a beautiful gold lustre finish and would look great atop the coffee table. The soft shine reflects a gentle glow from lighting that’s very sultry – and certainly luxe.


Lighting of course plays a major role in adding interest and variation this look. It can be low-key but you can also get away with absolute glamour. The Timothy Oulton Rex Chandelier ticks all the boxes – and it casts a wonderful glittering light in the room, too.


The Sand Black Floor Lamp is another great choice. Its curved stand is perfect for bringing light into the centre of the room, making it perfect for reading. The matte black finish contrasts nicely with all the gleaming metallics, and the gold leafed interior of the shade mirrors the shape and style of the Empire bowl perfectly.


To get the luxe look just right, it takes a strong focus on choosing the perfect pieces and using them to best effect, but you’ll certainly find it’s worth the effort.