We spend almost a third of our lives in bed, so it’s important you choose a bed that’s right for you. We caught up with Ole Myhre, Physiotherapist at Jensen Beds (one of the bed brands that we stock) to talk style options and buying advice…

Tell us a bit about your career background and how you became a physiotherapist at Jensen?

After a number of years studying and working in Denmark, I moved to Norway to start my own physiotherapy clinic in Svelvik. I’ve worked closely with Jensen beds over the past 25 years; from 1990 I started teaching courses at Jensen and continued to do so for 17 years. It wasn’t until 2007 that I took the jump and became a full-time employee at the company, a job that I thoroughly enjoy. My role there is divided into two parts – 50% in Product Development and 50% in marketing the Jensen brand.

Jensen was founded in 1947 and has become one of the leading bed producers in Scandinavia. What makes Jensen beds stand out from other bed manufacturers, particularly in the UK?

Jensen is a strong brand in Scandinavia. The business is very much driven by Norwegian heritage and tradition which is prominent in every aspect of Jensen, from product design to the fabrics, but most importantly the outstanding levels of comfort our beds deliver.

We have a slogan: “Feeling is believing”. In other words, we like to encourage every one of our customers to trial our beds to really discover and experience the benefits before they make their purchase. When you try a Jensen bed for the first time, don’t be alarmed if you find our beds softer than what you are used to.

Jensen beds are carefully crafted to include a ‘comfort zone’ in the mattress upholstery and topper. This offers fantastic support for the back and spine incorporating the Jensen unique zone system. The Jensen zonal system provides a sumptuous feeling with all the support you would expect from a luxury brand; firmer where you need it and softer where you don’t.  The Jensen springs inside the mattress are more than strong enough to give you the support you need for a good night sleep.

Jensen 3

It’s inevitable that we all need a good night’s sleep to function! What short-term implications could we experience when we deprive our body of quality shut-eye?

Short term problems we can encounter from a lack of sleep can have an impact on our daily routines, such as a lack of concentration and regular mood swings as well as the risk of injuries.

Are there any long-term problems that we might encounter from disturbed sleep patterns?

A lack of sleep or disturbed patterns on a regular basis can contribute towards many health problems and is likely to prompt medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

How do customers establish whether a reversible, continental or adjustable Jensen bed is the right choice?

The comfort level you require to get a good night’s sleep is a very personal choice. As a customer, it is important to establish what kind of bed you desire but more importantly what you need to help you sleep the best you can. It is important when trying a bed to lie on it for a good ten minutes and always try to lie in the sleeping position you are used to. Jensen beds are unique with their zonal system which encourages you to sleep in the correct position, therefore ensuring you wake feeling healthy and refreshed.

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Explain your recommended buying process. Do you have any tips, tricks or advice on how to choose the right mattress firmness, and where to start?

First and foremost you have to define your preferred sleeping position. If you have a habit of sleeping on your stomach, we suggest that you select firmer bed to avoid aches and pains in your lower back, neck and shoulders. If you sleep on your back you should be choosing a bed that is softer, while side sleepers will need something in between.

Our pillows, duvet and choice of mattress topper will also contribute to how well we sleep. What styles would you recommend?

Jensen Pillows are designed with the same amount of attention to detail and comfort design as our beds. They benefit from individual pocket springs encased in latex to ensure full support for the head and neck. The Jensen pillows are designed to work in harmony with the Jensen Bed range.

The topper is also very close to your body. It is a comfort zone and should give you the best possible well-being for your body. That is important because a good topper is a guarantee to promote good blood circulation. You can get them in foam and natural latex.

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Is there anything that can be done to help maximise the lifetime of a mattress?

It is important to turn the mattress about 4 times a year. You should also vacuum clean the mattress regularly; around 5-6 times a year depending of the extent of use.

Do you have any tips on how to eliminate bad sleeping habits?

Go to bed when you are tired and avoid the use of mobile phone or other electronic devices, as the light from those will make it difficult to sleep. Try to avoid other daily habits around bed time, such as consuming drinks and food that contain caffeine, nicotine or alcohol.

A sleeping position that isn’t your usual or right for you will make you turn an average of 10-30 times a night and so will naturally interrupt your sleep pattern preventing you from a deep sleep.

Are there any exercises that can be incorporated into a daily routine to rectify aches and pains from sleeping awkwardly?

This is very individual, due to age and physical condition. In general we can say that it is important for everybody to exercise as much as possible. Muscle activities earlier on in the day will be the best guarantee that your body is relaxed when you go to sleep.

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