Patchwork and paisley; groovy curves and retro shapes – hang on, is this bold new look actually a bit of a throwback?

Absolutely not. Because Retro Eclectic takes the best from the stylish Sixties and mixes it up with some ultra-modern themes to create something that’s completely new and very fresh.

The trick is in the clever combination of strong shapes, deft touches of colour and keynote patterns.

For our inspiration, we started with the Lola three-seater sofa with its soft, sensual shape, tapered legs and high-buttoned back. Upholstered in an unusual blue patchwork fabric, it’s an eye-catching centrepiece for the living room, and will retain a classic appeal.

Blocks of plain colour are echoed in a number of accessories that work well with the Retro Eclectic look – because this is a wide-ranging décor, you can feel free to mix and match both warm and cool colours.

The Granny rug uses a pop of bright pink to enliven your floor, and we love its texture – the rug is also known as Knit One, Purl One and celebrates traditional crocheting techniques. With the current fashion for home knitting, it couldn’t be more on-trend!

Look out for well-designed and shapely items to add interest to this look. For instance, we’ve used the Deep Tale Plate to create a point of interest because it’s not only made up of beautiful welded-metal curves, but also comes in a leafy green that definitely qualifies it as a piece of art.

Many of the forms that suit the Retro Eclectic look are really sculptural. The Troika coffee table comes in two sizes with one fitting beneath the other, allowing you to use them as a nest or separately. Troika has tapered legs that reflect the Sixties styling of the Lola sofa and chair, and its oiled-finish walnut finish provides a welcome warm tone that shows off accessories well.


So far, we’ve emphasised the plain and strong in our décor, but Retro Eclectic has plenty of room for pattern, too – after all, it’s a fun look that should never be too serious.

A good way to introduce pattern is the Bones rug. Again, it’s quite a work of art – each one is hand-tufted and takes months to make. Knotted with the finest wool, the silky-smooth threads are super-soft underfoot, while the monochrome pattern works well with sanded or painted floors.

You can dine in eclectic style, too – look out again for key-note features such as flared legs (the round Carnaby dining table with four matching chairs is a most witty version), and dramatically-shaped pendant lights such as the Cobb to create mood lighting.

To complete the look, add your own personal touches – thrift market finds and handed-down family treasures from the most stylish of decades. It’s a great way to show off your eclectic credentials – and a joyful way to make your décor really zing.