A bedroom should be a peaceful place to relax at the end of the day, but lack of good storage means that often they become cluttered, cramped and untidy. If your bedroom is more ‘floordrobe’ than wardrobe, finding the right storage to fit your room is important, especially when space is tight.

Whether you’ve got a smaller-than-average bedroom or just aspire to Marie Kondo levels of organisation, here’s our top bedroom storage hacks and space saving solutions to create a dreamy, clutter free sleep space.

Be smart with hidden storage

Tempur Holcot Ottoman Bed

The bed usually takes up most of the floor space in a bedroom, so it makes sense to utilise the space underneath. While boxes under the bed are a simple solution, an ottoman bed will make access much easier and ensure that no space is going to waste. The handy lift up base on styles such as the Holcot provides discreet hidden storage that can be used for storing bulky items.

Create a flexible dressing space

Lutyen Dressing Table

If you dream of having a dressing table but don’t think you have the room, multi-purpose and flexible furniture may be the answer.

The Luyten dressing table features a spacious chest of drawers combined with a small extending dressing table that can be adjusted to the perfect length. As you don’t need to over fill your room with separate pieces of furniture, this sophisticated solution is perfect for maximising space.

Alternatively, dual purpose pieces are perfect if you use your bedroom for working. Look for a dressing table that can double as a desk to make the most of your space. The Bambury dressing table features a compact design but with enough for make up beauty products in the three spacious drawers, while the slim drawer is the perfect place to store away a laptop.

Utilise the end of your bed

Lewes Blanket Box

The foot of the bed is often under-utilised when it comes to storage and can end up being a dumping ground for shoes, bags and dirty washing. If you’ve got space, a blanket box or ottoman chest will add valuable space to store bedding and blankets that can otherwise take up space.

Choose a bedside table with drawers

Bambury Bedside Chest

Make sure your bedside tables are working their hardest by choosing a style with two or three drawers. This is the perfect place to store socks and underwear, while the top can home a lamp and your latest book.

Make the most of wasted space

Set of 3 Woven Baskets

If your bedroom is still in need of a little extra storage, it’s time to get smart and utilise any areas of wasted space.

Storage boxes and baskets are a great way to tidy smaller items away and can be tucked into those awkward spaces. Try stacking baskets of clothing on top of your wardrobe or fill the wasted space inside the bottom of your wardrobe with boxes for scarves and bags.

Finally, fill any spare wall space with shelves or hanging hooks for extra ways to organise your bedroom.

Sleep soundly with these space saving storage solutions for a tidy bedroom.