Layering is what makes a room really feel like home. A few well-chosen accessories will help you to put your own stamp on your interior, making the difference between cold and bare and warm and inviting.

Sofas are often the centre point of our living space, so our styling team have come up with four unique ways to style your sofa, simply by layering accessories to create a cosy and stylish look. We’re calling it Layered with Love.

We hope you enjoy our four different Layered with Love looks and feel inspired to layer up your sofa in your own personal way.

Warm and Natural Neutrals

Layered with Love: Warm and Natural Neutrals

This cosy and relaxed look is so easy to achieve, simply by combining different textures and shades of warm neutrals.

Starting with the classic Sloane Large Sofa in a soft beige fabric, we’ve made the most of the hardwood floors and exposed brick to amplify the natural colour palette. Natural wood furniture pieces such as the Baker Tapered Shelving Unit and the Zeke Oak Coffee Table complement the neutral tones of the sofa.

Next, we’ve added texture with the Tangier Ochre Rug and Ochre Pom Pom Throw to bring a sense of comfort and relaxation. A couple of brighter accessories such as the Rust Button Cushion and the Ochre Tassel Cushion are a great way to add colour and draw the eye to the sofa, inviting you to snuggle up and make yourself at home.



Finally, glass and ceramic accessories are a big trend this season, and are ideal to add a contemporary finish to any room. We’ve added the Amber Face Vase and the Textured Ochre Vase, with dried pampas grass plays on those natural textures. By dotting these flourishes around in small clusters, we’ve made a style statement without overpowering the rest of the space.

A Touch of Luxury

Layered with Love: A Touch of Luxury

With this look, we’ve used the Sloane Large Sofa again but experimented with different colours and textures, showing how you can get a completely new look just by changing up your accessories. This luxe warm gold, emerald and neutral colour palette will suit any room.

Starting with a statement piece, the Antique Gold Wall Disc we’ve used here immediately brightens up its surroundings without being overwhelming to the eye. Glass pieces such as the Glass Ball Table Lamp bring a touch of classic simplicity that works perfectly with this look. Make the most of your surfaces by selecting a handful of simple yet elegant pieces, such as small sculptures or vases in brighter colours.



To finish the look, add splashes of colour with soft furnishings. Green and ochre work well together, so we love the combination of the Olive Tassel Cushion and the Teal Fringed Velvet Cushion. Finally, the Amara Gold Rug adds a touch of luxury.

Daring & Decadent Hues

Layered with Love: Daring and Decadent Hues

This bold blue look is all about the drama. The rich navy blue velvet of the Lois 3 Seater Sofa looks particularly gorgeous when layered with furniture and accessories in an abundance of colours, patterns and finishes.

To get started, tables and lamps in metal and marble immediately up the ante, giving an instantly luxe look. We’ve used the Lalit Green Marble Coffee Table and the Pair of Hexagonal Mirrored Side Tables for a decadent vibe. Contrast these metallic textures with more natural colours to add warmth to a room, such as the Dolce Rug.



A glam look like this means you can really play around with fabrics and accessories allowing us to introduce a little bit of eye-catching animal print on lampshades and cushions; try the Ochre Parrot Floor Lamp and the Tropical Tassel Cushion for a playful vibe, while the Palm Leaf Cushion adds a tropical touch.

Adding a mix of vibrant colours, such as terracotta, emerald green and flamingo pink signals that this is very much a space to relax in.

Mid Century Modern Comfort

Layered with Love: Modern Mid Century Comfort

Mid-century design is a style staple for a reason, and when paired with contemporary touches, creates a distinctive and sophisticated interior scheme. Here we’ve styled the modern Milan 3 Seater Sofa with a Mid-century inspired look using accessories and accent pieces.

Starting with furniture, we’ve chosen black and white pieces including the Salinas Sideboard and the Lillian Marble Side Table for a stand out look. Next, we’ve added metallic accessories such as the Black Arc Floor Lamp and Round Metal Wall Shelf to make the most of this elegant look.

The joy of layering is that you can mix and match different textures, which is exactly what we’ve done here, adding warmth with the Astral Rug and luxuriously plump Moss Edged Cushions. The amber, ochre and chocolate colour palette we’ve chosen contrast beautifully with the more neutral tones of the wooden floor and walls, ensuring that the room feels both stylish and warmly inviting.



Finish with statement items in similarly dramatic tones such as the Black Dome Table Lamp and the Peeking Gold Wall Canvas to create a bold and beguiling look.

Which of our four Layered with Love looks is your favourite? Shop our amazing range of home accessories online and create your own layered look at home!