Sink into the incomparable luxury of a Vispring bed, the perfect combination of technology and style. A Vispring Mattress can be custom-made to have two different spring tensions so you and your partner can each enjoy the best night’s sleep.


The story

In 1899, James Marshall is an English engineer living in Canada when his wife is taken ill. He creates a handmade support system for her, with coiled springs wrapped in unbleached muslin, quilted with horsehair and outer tufted - springs have never been enclosed in pockets and integrated into a mattress.

John Nolon and Frederick James decide to produce Marshall's revolutionary mattress themselves and 'The Marshall Sanitary Mattress Company' is incorporated in London in 1901. The company adopts the Vispring name and logo in 1911. For the past few years they had used a hare motif - illustrating the bounce of its springs, which is now combined with the Roman numeral VI: to reference, at this point, the six springs used inside each sewn pocket.

The bespoke comfort of Vispring's mattresses has by now attracted the prestigious steamship companies of the day, the Olympic in 1911 and the Titanic, where each of the suites and First Class cabins were complete with Vispring mattresses.

Vispring use nothing but natural materials which has so far only been horsehair but in 1925 they started to include pure cotton as a filling and from now on, the range has expanded to include even more luxurious materials, such as Shetland wool, silk and cashmere.

In 1932, Vispring introduced the world's first pocket sprung divan - the Vibase - as the perfect partner for its iconic mattresses. Througout the history of Vispring, their mattress and divans have been associated with legendary vessels, from the Mauretania to the Queen Elizabeth II and in 2009 they partnered with Princess Yacht, the Plymouth-based luxury yacht builder.

In 2012, Vispring was awarded the highly prized Queen's Award for Enterprise - honoured to businesses that have excelled in the fields on international trade, innovation or sustainable development. To this present day, Vispring have a new visual identity and continue to expand throughout the world.


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