With roots in traditional glass furniture design, Sovet Italia has a real focus on precision. Exploring new possibilities every step of the way, Sovet Italia is today a leading European furniture brand that creates modern masterpieces with both functionality and sophistication in mind.



Sovet was founded in the late 80s to explore the expressive possibilities of the glass in the contemporary furnishing. In the early 2000s Sovet started its collaboration with important international designers, choosing to combine the glass with other materials and extending its research in the name of creativity and continuous evolution.



Founded in 1989, Sovet Italia began its journey by focusing on the creation of experimental glass furniture. Just over a decade later, the company chose to expand its offering and work with key international designers to develop a wider range of products that incorporated alternative materials.


Sovet has always respected the gravity of the “made in Italy” tagline, and works hard to keep standards high throughout its operations. This extraordinary level of quality comes not only from the finest raw materials and advanced production processes, but also from the passion and attention to detail that each of the local craftsmen put into their work.



Today, Sovet works with a select range of prime materials which have proven their worth over the years. In addition to the purest glass, Sovet produces items comprised of the very best wood, ceramic, steel and aluminium. Today, these designs can be found in more than 70 countries across the globe.



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Sovet Italia

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