Located on the coast of Lombardy, Riva 1920 have been creating contemporary Italian furniture since 1920. Each piece is beautifully crafted by skilled carpenters using traditional techniques passed down through generations, for guaranteed quality and timeless style.

The Collection

The story

As its name suggests, the company started out in 1920 at Nino Romano's family-run workshop in Lombardy, Italy. Shortly after World War II, Romano's son-in-law, Mario Riva, joined the workshop and employed additional staff to help the production of solid wood furniture grow. Eventually, Riva's sons, Maurizio and Davide, followed suit, becoming woodworkers for the family business from a young age and specialising in made to measure pieces. This saw the private customer base expand to 1,600.

Today, the brothers are co-owners of the company, having worked hard to refine their craft and embrace new technologies. With continued focus on sustainability, innovation and utilising natural wood, Riva 1920 is a well-established brand with distinctive character and a clear identity.

The Wood

Riva 1920 takes pride in creating artistic pieces from unique, sustainable and recycled timber. Its stunning collections feature genuine solid wood from controlled reforestation, such as oak, maple and walnut, as well as prestigious and recovered varieties including the ancient Kauri from New Zealand, reusable Briccole of Venice and fragrant Lebanese Cedar.

Not only do their furniture pieces carry history, passion and authenticity, they are also extremely reliable and durable. All additional materials - from fabrics and leathers to metal and hardware - are researched and tested thoroughly to ensure the highest possible quality. Finished with oils, beeswax and vinyl glues, each and every item reflects the company's belief in the untouched charm of natural beauty.