A stunning collection of furniture crafted
from new and reclaimed teak

We’re pleased to introduce the Old Java collection, an exciting new range made using some of the finest timber in the world, giving it a distinguished provenance and natural quality that you won’t find elsewhere.

Furniture in the Old Java range is built to last, made to exacting standards and with a timeless finish. Whether you’re looking for a striking new dining table or sofa to become the centrepiece of your home, or statement chairs and bookshelves to complete a room, our Old Java collection offers the functionality and durability you need for everyday living.

What’s more, many of the pieces in the Old Java range are made using recycled timber, making it the ideal choice if you’re looking for unique pieces that are sustainably made, classically designed and of the highest quality.


Teak is known across the world as one of the highest quality timbers, with its natural durability and strength prized in its native Asia for thousands of years.

Much of our Old Java range uses salvaged teak from traditional Indonesian houses and buildings to create furniture that is truly distinctive and brings warmth, character and quality to any room.

We work with local communities and skilled workers in Indonesia to identify the highest quality reclaimed teak. Inspired by the rich culture and incredible biodiversity on Indonesia’s largest island, we select premium timber originally taken from old teak trees.

Strengthened through exposure to the elements for generations, the ancient teak salvaged from these demolished homes and buildings has become thoroughly dry and solid, resistant to bending, warping and cracking. This makes it ideal for furniture use, offering a quality hard to replicate elsewhere.

Where using reclaimed teak isn’t an option, we only use sustainable, Indonesian timber certified through both the domestic SVLK timber assurance system, and international Voluntary Partnership Agreements (VPAs).


The reclaimed teak furniture in the Old Java collection provides a truly individual look that can’t be imitated with other types of wood. As it ages, teak takes on a range of different shades and colours, such as warm nut browns, deep chocolate and rich bronze, meaning that the recycled teak used in the Old Java collection only becomes more beautiful over time.

These unique hues in the natural grain of the wood are complemented by reminders of its past life, such as nail markings, which only add to the remarkable and timeless look of each piece.

Our Old Java collection brings classic design together with the highest standards of quality, traditional craftsmanship and sustainable manufacturing processes. With Old Java, you can bring a slice of island living into your home through thoroughly modern pieces, with furniture that will have pride of place in your home for years to come.