With a focus on natural materials and time-honoured techniques, Noble Souls by Timothy Oulton aims to achieve “humble luxury” and a return to the senses. Each piece is crafted by hand and inspired by the wisdom of ancient cultures, including the very first sofa range made using only 100% natural vegetable dyes, natural linens and feathers.

The Collection

The story

In a world where cyberspace is our new reality, Noble Souls is all about respected traditions and simple pleasures.

Exploring the globe, Tim hoped to rediscover the passion and effort behind ancient crafts. He learnt about age-old methods that date back thousands of years, and the natural resources which have been indispensable to these craftsmen.

Channelling this approach to production, Noble Souls comprises authentic pieces for the home which help to reconnect modern people with culture and with nature.

Noble Souls

Meet the makers

During his travels through China, Peru, Mexico and Africa, Tim took inspiration from the way things were made in the past, meeting noble souls who are still in tune with the simplicity of their surroundings.

DYES The upholstery is coloured only with 100% natural vegetable dyes, extracted from plants the very same way as ancestors discovered hundreds of years ago.

WEAVES All textiles are created using ancient weaving techniques that have been passed down through generations and remain an important part of many cultures.

WOOD Using foraged and reclaimed woods saved from the scrapyard, each piece of furniture is one of a kind. With markings and signs of their history, every stool, chair and table has a beautifully unique character.