You’ll only find innovation, beauty, and quality design in the collection of Calligaris furniture at Barker and Stonehouse. This classic design house has long produced stunning home furnishings, particularly noted for its range of dining chairs.

The Collection

The story

In 1955, Pierangelo Gallotti and Luigi Radice turned their shared passion for glass into a business. Dedicated to creating handmade glass decoration pieces, they set up a small studio and began producing one of a kind items. Among the first to be made were lighting appliances, mirrors and furnishings, with the selection eventually advancing to larger interior furniture. The first company in Italy to experiment with glass in this fashion, Gallotti & Radice led the way for many other designers and companies, who began following in their footsteps.

Characterised by refined production processes which require in-depth knowledge, meticulous attention to detail and great skill, their products continue to inspire and delight. Working with an array of popular Italian designers to expand its collections, the company remains cutting-edge, successfully adapting to meet the needs of the modern market. With extravagant designs and quality craftsmanship taking centre stage since its inception, Gallotti & Radice is a name renowned for its role in the history of Italian furniture production.