Extending Tables

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Ercol Capena Flip Top Extending Table
£820.00 £649.00

Ercol Capena Medium Extending Table
£1025.00 £799.00

Hannover Extending Dining Table, Oiled Oak
£375.00 £299.00

Ercol Teramo Medium Extending Dining Table, Pale Oak
£1120.00 £839.00

Ercol Teramo Small Extending Dining Table, Pale Oak
£945.00 £699.00

Ercol Bosco Extending Dining Table, Oak
£1140.00 £855.00

Ercol Romana Large Extending Dining Table, Oak
£3090.00 £2315.00

Jurston Dining Table, Black Glass
£549.00 £439.00

Jurston Dining Table, White Glass
£549.00 £439.00

Micklow Compact Extending Dining Table
£715.00 £499.00

Kimberley Extending Dining Table, Oak
£745.00 £519.00

Harrop Extending Table, Light Oak
£645.00 £449.00

Lidgate Extending Dining Table, Oak
£625.00 £499.00

Eskdale Extending Table, Linen
£529.00 £369.00

New Frontier Mango Wood X Leg Extending Dining Table
£815.00 £649.00

Savannah Extending Dining Table, Wild Oak
£475.00 £379.00

Borgia Extending Dining Table
£1905.00 £1425.00

Keeler Extending Dining Table
£1409.00 £1195.00

Allegra Extending Dining Table
£755.00 £639.00

Carisbrooke Extending Dining Table
£525.00 £365.00

Oslo SM32 Extending Table
£2499.00 £1999.00

Charente Extending Dining Table, Chalk Oak
£1065.00 £849.00

Oslo SM71 Extending Table

Oslo SM101 Multi-Function Table
£1399.00 £1119.00

Oslo SM11 Extending Table
£1449.00 £1159.00

Calligaris Omnia Extending Table (Taupe Glass)
£1447.00 £1235.00

Calligaris Omnia Extending Table (Smoke Veneer)
£1456.00 £1239.00

Oslo SM13 Extending Table

Oslo SM19 Extending Table

Athena Extending Dining Table, Marbled Grey Ceramic
£1759.00 £1495.00

Nevada Walnut Extending Dining Table
£749.00 £699.00

Oslo SM24 Extending Table
£1939.00 £1549.00

An extending dining table gives you a practical and elegant centrepiece for your dining space, with more space when you need it, and more compactness when you don’t. Our range includes a wide range of designs, including round and angular table tops intraditional and contemporary styles, so you can find the perfect table for you home.

Our range of extendable tables also features a variety of materials and finishes, including natural wood, metal, and painted finishes, giving you a wide choice of looks. And with Barker and Stonehouse you can always be sure you’re getting only the highest quality materialsand craftsmanship.

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