You’ll only find innovation, beauty, and quality design in the collection of Calligaris furniture at Barker and Stonehouse. This classic design house has long produced stunning home furnishings, particularly noted for its range of dining chairs.

The Collection

The story

It all began in Manzona, Udine back in 1923 when Antonio Calligaris produced the "Marocca" chair - a sturdy wooden frame with a hand-woven rush seat and slightly curved legs, a typical product for the area. They worked from a small artisan workshop where men would cut and assemble the wooden parts whilst women would skilfully weave the rush seats.

The way they worked continued into the 50's when Romeo inherited his father's business and further developed it thanks to the economic boom of the post-war period. In the 60's the Calligaris business grew again with the third generation of the family joining the company and introducing an automatic weaving machine, speeding the process from 2 hours per chair to just over 1 minute.

The company continued to grow and in 1986 expanded its range to chairs, tables, furniture, beds and sofas with wood no longer being the only material used. Today, Calligaris can be found in 100 countries and celebrated its 95th anniversary in 2018.

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