Take a look through our most loved designs, hand-picked by you. Find newly popular pieces and rediscover your all-time favourites in our beautiful selection of bestselling furniture and accessories.

From signature sofas, to daring dining sets and eccentric accessories, our best sellers edit showcases the key pieces that will help give a room a quick style boost or your entire home a refreshing revamp. Friends and family are sure to fall in love with your new furniture, seeing as they are our most coveted items in-store and online.

Our furniture is designed to match your lifestyle and suit your space. Find inspiration from our customers and see how they’ve styled their iconic Barker and Stonehouse buys in their own home.

Feel free to browse a few of your (and our) favourite things…

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Afraid of the Mouse' Picture
Arizona Dining Table
£499.00 £589.00
Asquith Leather 3 Seater Chesterfield Sofa
£1999.00 £3025.00
Carisbrooke Reclaimed Wood Bed frame, Stucco White
£499.00 £649.00
Carisbrooke Reclaimed Wood Rectangular Coffee Table, Stucco White
£199.00 £235.00
Caspian Terni Large Square Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table
£1419.00 £1675.00
Charlie Reclaimed Wood 3 Drawer Bedside
£169.00 £199.00
Charlie Reclaimed Wood High End Bed frame
£599.00 £705.00
Cogs Metal Clock
Craven Large Sofa With Studs
£1299.00 £1529.00
Darwin Grand Split Leather And Fabric Mix Pillow Back Sofa
£1999.00 £2335.00
Extra Large Wicker Heart
Floyd Left Hand Facing Combi Unit
£1599.00 £1885.00
Halmstad Dining Table and 4 Hix Chairs, Grey
£749.00 £879.00
Harrington Large Right Hand Facing Chaise Sofa
£1749.00 £2059.00
Hix Upholstered Dining Chair, Brown
£99.00 £115.00
Houston Leather 3 Seater Sofa
£999.00 £1249.00
Houston Leather Armchair
£599.00 £749.00
Keeler Set Of 3 Reclaimed Round Tables
£375.00 £445.00
Medina LHF Corner Bench with Newsham Table and Bench
£1199.00 £1495.00
Myers Extra Large Sofa
£899.00 £1059.00
Navajos Reclaimed Wood Panelled Bed frame, Chestnut
£589.00 £695.00
Navarro Star Dining Table, Dark Oak
£649.00 £765.00
Rivington Faux Leather Dining Armchair
£129.00 £155.00
Salisbury Dining Table (Oak)
£749.00 £885.00
Seine Upholstered Bed Frame
£499.00 £555.00