Bedroom Furniture Ranges

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Of all of the different rooms in your home, the bedroom is arguably the most important of all. A bedroom should be somewhere that you can retreat – a quiet, restful space for unwinding and leaving the world and its worries at the door. The place you sleep, and the place that feels most welcoming at the end of each day. Choosing Barker and Stonehouse bedroom furniture will ensure that yours becomes all of this and more, transforming into the tranquil space of your dreams. Whether you prefer fresh white furniture or contemporary grey and black pieces, you’ll find the perfect match right here.

Setting the scene with bedroom furniture

We at Barker and Stonehouse know that the right bedroom furniture range is crucial to achieving your desired look and feel. Clever use of space, outstanding design and sufficient storage should all combine to create a room that is both functional and suited to your personal style. Our bedroom furniture sets have been carefully selected to meet all of these requirements, so whatever your taste or existing decor, we're confident that we have a bedroom range that’s perfect.

Inclusions in a bedroom furniture range

There are numerous furniture types included in our bedroom furniture sets. A bed frame, as one would expect, is an essential inclusion, and we also offer wardrobes and further storage options such as a chests of drawers and bedside tables to help tie the entire look together. With our ranges handpicked for quality, each piece is designed to work in unison for that thoughtful and polished finish. Some of our bedroom sets also feature helpful additions such as mirrors and stools, so you can be sure of finding absolutely everything you could need to create the perfect bedroom sanctuary.

Choosing a bedroom range

When selecting Barker and Stonehouse bedroom furniture, it’s helpful to first think about the size of the room you’re furnishing. Available space will influence the furniture you choose; if the room is large, you may want to consider heavier oak or mahogany pieces, while smaller bedrooms will likely do well with more delicate options, such as white gloss furniture, that ensure the entire space is kept bright and open.

It’s also important to think in terms of storage. Bedroom furniture sets should be beautiful in terms of design, but should also effortlessly meet your practical requirements. Many options within the Barker and Stonehouse bedroom sets include furniture that offers neat storage solutions, from beautifully-crafted chests of drawers to storage ottoman bed frames with hidden capacities that can house your belongings with ease. Maximising space with the smart storage is also important – for example a wardrobe with drawers or a bedside table with drawers combines two pieces of furniture in one.

Finally, consider the interior scheme you have, e.g. the textures, fabrics and wall paint or wallpaper. We offer bedroom furniture ranges in all sorts of colours and materials – so whether you’re into elegant or industrial, bold or neutral, there is sure to be a range that works well with the rest of your decor.

Focusing on all of the above elements should help you to find a bedroom furniture range that creates the perfect bedroom - a place of great beauty and practicality where you feel completely and absolutely at home.